EyeCare Professionals Contact Lens Program:

Patients are referred by doctors throughout the state. Our practice is specifically designed and equipped with the latest technology to provide our patients with the most customized contact lenses available.

We have successfully treated thousands of patients, including many who were previously told they could not wear contact lenses. In certain cases, we will use very advanced corneal topography to provide a detailed analysis of your eye. Using this technology, we will diagnose eye health and design and manufacture complex contact lenses. 

What makes us different?

Our doctors provide the most customized contact lenses available for even the most difficult cases. What really sets us apart is our commitment to our patient’s success. You will be followed and kept involved with the entire fitting process. Your individual case may be quite involved so communication is extremely important. We track progress not only through office visits but through emails and personalized phone calls.

Our doctors prescribe all types of contact lenses including:

* Lenses to help slow down nearsightedness (myopia)

* Bifocal contact lenses

* Lenses for Keratoconus

* Lenses after eye trauma

* Lenses after eye surgery

Are you currently a patient? Order contacts here.