First 'A' in Language Arts

When Matthew and I came out of Dr. Tannen’s office after our first consultation, Matthew looked at me in the car and said,“Mommy this is the worst day of my life and the best day of my life.” I looked at him with tears in my eyes and asked why. All he said was, “I know I have something wrong with my eyes, but I finally think you found someone who can help me.” And that is exactly what Vision Therapy did. Eighteen weeks later, Matthew is reading on his own and comprehending very well. This past report card Matthew got his first “A” in language arts. He was so proud. It is no longer a fight to get him to read. Before, he would rather go outside or play Xbox than pick up a book, but now that he knows he has to read he does it willingly. Matthew was very scared when his Vision Therapy sessions ended, because he really began to build a bond with the Vision Therapy staff and he knew that they were helping him. We now do our therapy sessions at home every day. It can be a struggle at times to fit it in, but he knows it is all for the greater good.

-Matthew's Mom