Driving One Hour Each Way Was Worth It!

My daughter Jane was 7 years old when she first required eyeglasses, and we were very saddened as her vision continued to deteriorate. When her eye doctor recommended eye drops in an effort to slow down her eyesight from getting worse, we were optimistic.  Unfortunately, the eye drops were not a good option for Jane--they made her eyes very sensitive during the day and her vision continued to change.  Her prescription increased so fast and eyeglasses bothered Jane, so we took a friend’s recommendation and tried corneal reshaping lenses.  I drove over one hour each way to obtain this treatment from EyeCare Professionals.  It was not easy. It required several trips to the eye doctor in the beginning, but we are very pleased with the outcome. That was over 6 years ago!  Jane has not worn eyeglasses since and her prescription is stable.  

-Jane's Dad