Special Lenses Made My Daughter's Vision Perfect

I heard about corneal reshaping technology long before my daughter, Jessie, starting wearing this type of lens.  I knew corneal reshaping lenses were popular China, so when I vacationed there I inquired about "Orthokeratology or OK Lens" from a local doctor.  The doctor promptly told me if Jessie was his daughter he would never allow her to wear these lenses!  When Jessie's eyesight continued to deteriorate, I visited an eye doctor in the New Jersey.  Their advice was similar, I would not recommend this technology for Jessie, I was scared to death!  

Shortly thereafter, I attended a vision seminar given by Dr. Despotidis.  At the seminar were other parents whose children already wore corneal reshaping lenses, and their experiences were contradictory to advice I received from Jessie's eye doctors.  After hearing Dr. D speak, I visited him for a consultation.  

I was scared and very apprehensive. Even though Dr. D recommended corneal reshaping lenses for Jessie, she was my daughter and I felt responsible for her vision and eyes.  After several weeks of consideration, I decided allow Jessie to wear corneal reshaping lenses.

The first few nights were so stressful. She had trouble getting the lenses in and out of her eyes and her eyesight did not improve immediately.  However, within a week her vision was perfect!  It was amazing!

Fast forward to today, Jessie’s vision has not changed. She wears the original lenses Dr. D prescribed for her two years ago!  Her eyesight used to change while her prescription got worse, but now her vision is stable.  She also does not need to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day.

I’m very happy I decided to proceed and would recommend other parents to consider this type of technology for their children if they wear eyeglasses.

-Jessie's Mom