Commitment, Experience, and Extra Care

Our daughter Vinaya Thotakura is 12 years now.  We still remember that bitter, stressful day in our life when Vinaya (She was 10 at that time) came from school holding in her hand her broken eyeglasses. Her glasses broke while playing with the other kids.

Today, Vinaya is a happy child. GVSS lenses have stopped her eyesight deterioration in its tracks. Her confidence level is up. There are two things that distinguish Dr. Despotidis from other doctors. One is his subtle sense of humor. This quality in him creates a comfortable zone for the patient. The cure starts in the mind.  The second thing is he doesn’t blindly listen to the technology. He honors the experience and opinion of the patient. We admire his mixing of uncanny experience with the use of technology.

Each visit is a pleasant and memorable experience for our family. We give profound thanks to Dr.D. and his staff for their high level of commitment and care.

-Vinaya's Mom