Paragon Vision Sciences, the maker of our GVSS retainer lenses, has a series of short videos to help you review how to insert, remove, and care for your lenses:

How to insert retainer lenses

How to remove retainer lenses

How to care for retainer lenses with Clear Care Solution

What should I bring with me to each GVSS appointment?

You must bring all your GVSS retainer lenses and solutions to each visit. Also, make sure your lenses are clean and ready to be checked. If your appointment is scheduled within 6 hours of removing your lenses, store them in Boston Simplus instead of Clear Care Solution. Lastly, many patients have found a written list of questions is helpful so we can address any issues that have come up since your previous visit.

What if I break or lose a retainer lens?

Don’t panic! This is very common during the first few months of wearing the lenses. This is why we provide an extra pair of GVSS retainer lenses with the program. All retainer lenses are under a one month warrantee against breakage. If your lenses break, DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE BROKEN PIECES, YOU’LL NEED THEM TO OBTAIN PROPER CREDIT.

For the fastest response, you can email us at or call our GVSS “hotline” at 609-581-5755.

If you do not have your spare set yet, ask Doctors Tannen, Noah, Despotidis, or Lee if you can alternate between eyes until your new lens arrives. Feel free to add this question with your email or message.

What should I do if I have a question before my next appointment?

One of the services we’re most proud of is the accessibility our GVSS patients have to our doctors. We understand there are many questions during the first few weeks of wearing GVSS retainer lenses, so don’t hesitate to ask!

You can always reach us via email at or by telephone at 609-581-5755. Lastly, you can call our emergency phone number, 24 hours a day, at 609-581-5755. The doctor “on call” will be notified with your message.

What if I can’t see the board during the first few weeks?

It may take up to two weeks for a new GVSS patient's vision to improve to the point of seeing very clearly from a far distance. If your child has a problem seeing the board from the back of the room, you can allow them to wear an older pair of glasses with a much weaker prescription for the first few days.

Also, you can print this letter, asking your child’s teacher to allow them to sit in the front of the classroom. Please email our office at so that we can assist you in any manner.

Where can I find Boston Simplus, Boston Rewetting, or Clear Care?

They can be found at any of the following stores: